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Cash Management Solutions Catalogue

Gaming and Sports Betting Catalogue


Kiosk, Vending and Ticketing Solutions Catalogue

OEM Components Catalogue

Sports Betting Catalogue


Transportation Catalogue


27” Touch Screen Kiosk

Advance® SC Series Bill Validator

ASSA Desmo Casino Locks

AudioPRO Speakers

Bill-to-Bill 300 XE Recycler

Bill-to-Bill 300


Cabinets Pro Series

Cinco sorter

Coin carousel WGR

Coin Sorters

Custom Printers - Overview

Custom printers Overview - US Letter

Delta / Prima Power Supplies

Dual Sided LCDs


E-PRL - Overview

E-PRL Overview - US Letter

Easy Pay Recharging Unit

Elo Open Frame Brochure

Excel Hopper

FM3080 Hind

Guardian GLX

Nanoptix - Overview

Nanoptix - Overview US Letter

Newland - Overview

Newland - Overview US Letter

PayCheck Terminal XL

Power Supplies

RGB Handle Mechanism

SH1950 Video Topper

Smart hopper

UPT Card Readers

USB Charge-N-Play

VisionPro - OEM

VisionPro LED-Framed Monitors

VisionPro LED-Framed Monitors - US Letter

VisionPro OEM - US Letter

WorldKey Loyalty


6553L-2 Datasheet

Delta Power Supplies 12V 100W - Datasheet

Delta Power Supplies 12V 150W - Datasheet

Delta Power Supplies 24V 100W - Datasheet

Delta Power Supplies 24V 150W - Datasheet

Elo 1093L - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1291L - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1590L - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1593L - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1790L-2 - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1990L-2 Datasheet US Letter

Elo 1991L - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 2094L-2 - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 2294L-2 - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 2494L-2 - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 2794L-2 - Datasheet US Letter

Elo 3243L-2 Datasheet

ELO 4343L-2 Datasheet

Elo 5543L-2 Datasheet

Elo Backpack - Spec Sheet



MODUS 3 Data Sheet

SILK Data Sheet

TG02H Data Sheet

TG1260HIII Data Sheet

TG2480HIII Data Sheet

VKP80III Data Sheet

Technical Manual/Specs

150DLG2150 Full Spec

150DLG2151 Full Spec

150DLG2155 Full Spec

150DLG2156 Full Spec

150DLG2380 Full Spec

150DLG2381 Full Spec

150DLG2385 Full Spec

150DLG2386 Full Spec

150DLG2700 Full Spec

150DLG2701 Full Spec

150DLG2705 Full Spec

150DLG2706 Full Spec

150DLG3205 Full Spec

150DLG3206 Full Spec

150DLG4305 Full Spec

150DLG4306 Full Spec

150DLP2150 Full Spec

150DLP2151 Full Spec

150DLP2155 Full Spec

150DLP2156 Full Spec

150DLP2380 Full Spec

150DLP2381 Full Spec

150DLP2385 Full Spec

150DLP2386 Full Spec

150DLP2700 Full Spec

150DLP2701 Full Spec

150DLP2705 Full Spec

150DLP2706 Full Spec

150DLP3205 Full Spec

150DLP3206 Full Spec

150DLP3206P Full Spec

150DLP4305 Full Spec

150DLP4306 Full Spec

150DLP4345 Full Spec

150DLP4346 Full Spec

150LG2150 Full Spec

150LG2152 Full Spec

150LG2380 Full Spec

150LG2382 Full Spec

150LG2700 Full Spec

150LG2702 Full Spec

150LG3200 Full Spec

150LG3202 Full Spec

150LG4300 Full Spec

150LG4302 Full Spec

150LP2150 Full Spec

150LP2152 Full Spec

150LP2380 Full Spec

150LP2382 Full Spec

150LP2700 Full Spec

150LP2702 Full Spec

150LP3200 Full Spec

150LP3202 Full Spec

150LP4300 Full Spec

150LP4302 Full Spec

150TFT[X]2154 Tech Ref


150TFTx2382 Tech Ref

150TFTx2705 Full Spec


150DLG2150 Drawing

150DLG2151 Drawing

150DLG2155 Drawing

150DLG2156 Drawing

150DLG2380 Drawing

150DLG2381 Drawing

150DLG2385 Drawing

150DLG2386 Drawing

150DLG2700 Drawing

150DLG2701 Drawing

150DLG2705 Drawing

150DLG2706 Drawing

150DLG3205 Drawing

150DLG3206 Drawing

150DLG4305 Drawing

150DLG4306 Drawing

150DLP2150 Drawing

150DLP2151 Drawing

150DLP2155 Drawing

150DLP2156 Drawing

150DLP2380 Drawing

150DLP2381 Drawing

150DLP2385 Drawing

150DLP2386 Drawing

150DLP2700 Drawing

150DLP2701 Drawing

150DLP2705 Drawing

150DLP2706 Drawing

150DLP3205 Drawing

150DLP3206 Drawing

150DLP3206P Drawing

150DLP4305 Drawing

150DLP4306 Drawing

150DLP4345 Drawing

150DLP4346 Drawing

150LG2150 Drawing

150LG2152 Drawing

150LG2380 Drawing

150LG2382 Drawing

150LG2700 Drawing

150LG2702 Drawing

150LG3200 Drawing

150LG3202 Drawing

150LG4300 Drawing

150LG4302 Drawing

150LP2150 Drawing

150LP2152 Drawing

150LP2380 Drawing

150LP2382 Drawing

150LP2700 Drawing

150LP2702 Drawing

150LP3200 Drawing

150LP3202 Drawing

150LP4300 Drawing

150LP4302 Drawing

150TFT2154 Drawing


150TFT3210 - Drawing

150TFTG2154 Drawing

150TFTG2382 Drawing

150TFTP2154 Drawing

150TFTP2382 Drawing

150TFTP2705 Drawing

150TFTP2705S Drawing

6553L-2 Drawing

Candle Tower Lights Technical Drawings

Diamond Tower Lights Technical Drawings

Elo 1093L - Drawings

Elo 1291 L - Drawing

Elo 1291-L - Agency Approval Certificates

Elo 1590L-2 - Drawing

Elo 1593L - Drawing

Elo 1790L-2 Drawing

Elo 1990L-2 - Drawing

Elo 1991L - Drawing

Elo 2094L-2 Drawing

Elo 2294L-2 - Drawing

Elo 2494L-2 - Drawing

Elo 2794L-2 - Drawing

Elo 3243L-2 Drawing

Elo 4343L-2 Drawing

Elo 5543L-2 Drawing

Elo Backpack - CAD

Elo Backpack - Drawing

Light Train Tower Lights Technical Drawings

PayCheck 4 Tech Manual

Reel Topper - Drawings

Round Disc Topper - drawings 1

Round Disc Topper - drawings 2

Starpoint Electronic Counter - Drawing

Upright Topper - Drawings

User Guides

Bill-to-Bill 300 XE Serviceability Manual

Currenza C2 - Menu Structure

Currenza C2 - Operating Instruction

Currenza C2 - Service work

Currenza C2 - Technical Data

Currenza C2- Quick Start Up

Elo Backpack - Quick Installation Guide

EZ-Tear Cleaning Instructions

EZ-Tear Mounting Instructions

FR27 - User Guide

PayCheck 4 - firmware upgrade procedure

PayCheck High Speed Couponing - firmware upgrade procedure

PayCheck NextGen Firmware Upgrade Guide

Spill-Proof User Guide

USB Charge-N-Play - Instructions

Vantage Connect - Quick guide

User Manuals

10-17XXX CubeHopper Manual

10-18XX-XX CubeHopper Manual

10-19XXX CubeHopper Manual


16-XXXX-XX ExcelHopper Manual

18-CCtalk FlowHopper Manual

18-Parallel FlowHopper Manual

6553L-2 User Manual

BillPro - User Manual rev 3

Coin Sorters - Manuale

Currenza C2 - Manual

Ellipse & Mini Ellipse Toppers - Manual

Elo 1093L - User Manual

Elo 1291L - User Manual

Elo 1590L-2 - User Manual

Elo 1593L - User Manual

Elo 1790L2 - User Manual

Elo 1990L-2 User Manual

Elo 1991L - User Manual

Elo 2094L-2 - User Manual

Elo 2294L-2 - User Manual

Elo 2494L-2 - User Manual

Elo 2794L-2 - User Manual

Elo 3243L-2 User Manual

Elo 4343L-2 User Manual

Elo 5543L-2 User manual

EvolutionHopper Manual

EZ-Tear Manual

Guardian GLX - Manual

HSVL Advanced Manual

ICS Operating Manual

MFL - Operation & Service Manual

PayCheck 4 Owners Manual

PayCheck Couponing Manual

PayCheck Firmware Upgrade Guide

PayCheck High Speed Couponing

PayCheck NextGen Manual

Polygon & Pill Toppers - Manual

Recharging box

RGB Ellipse Topper - Manual

RM5 Evolution - Manual

RM5 HD - Manual

SC Advance Manual

Spill Proof Manual

TowerLight Topper - Manual

Vantage Installation & Operation Guide

Vantage Operation & Service Manual

Vantage Quick Start Guide



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