Vantage Connect is a new IoT-ready device which represents the latest innovation in coin acceptance and recycling technology. Thanks to the PRP (Payout Redundancy Protection) system, six tubes and three independent motors, it delivers superior results to vending operators in terms of high coin capacity, excellent payout reliability and maximum configuration flexibility.

Vantage Connect is equipped with wireless capability which allows operators to modify all the parameters, update firmware and optimize maintenance with a common smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for proprietary handheld device. Vantage Connect takes cash management to the next level by maximizing operators’ profits and reducing machine downtime.

PRP System (Payout Redundancy Protection)

6 tubes cassette and 3 indipendent motors for high payout safety and the minimization of down time


QR-Code for local wireless connection


User-friendly menu for easy programming through smartphone, tablet or laptop

Easy maintenance

Easy access to moving parts to help maintenance

Tubes combinations

Diameter (mm) Tube A Tube B Tube C Tube D Tube E Tube F
29.0 – 32.5
26.5 – 29.0
24.5 – 26.5
23.0 – 24.5
21.5 – 23.5
20.0 – 21.5
18.5 – 20.00
17.0 – 18.5
16.0 – 17.0
15.0 – 16.0 


  • Acceptance and payout of all circulation coins
  • 6 self-filling tubes reducing refilling needs and providing optimum set-up of payout configuration and float level and easy access in case of maintenance
  • Modular cassette structure for great freedom in tube configuration
  • Payout combination optimization to meet each machine’s planogram and site users payment behavior
  • High payout speed of up to 6 coins per second and acceptance speed of up to 3 coins/second
  • MFT technology providing a more secure coin validation, sensor system to measure up to 40 different parameters
  • Easy and fast programming with user-friendly intuitive menu
  • Simplified update through smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Easy access to validation and sorting area for maintenance

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxHxW) 137.75 x 377.10 x 80.00 mm
Protocols MDB, VCCS
Acceptance speed up to 3 coins per second
Payout speed up to 6 coins per second
Accepted coins Ø 15 ÷ 32.5 mm – max thickness 3,7 mm
Acceptance rate 95% + first insertion

98% + second insertion

Power supply 18V ÷ 43V DC
Operating temperature -25°C ÷ +80°C

10% ÷ 75% umidity non-condensed


Vantage Connect - Quick Guide

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