Advanced sensors technology


Bill-to-Bill 300™ is the multi-width front load bill recycler with high acceptance rates and superior counterfeit detection with patented technology. It is characterized by an advanced sensors technology that improves authentic bill recognition and protects against counterfeits. The validated bills are distributed between three recycling cassettes and one lockable/removable drop cassette. A maximum of 3 denominations may be directed to the recycling cassettes, and other denominations to the drop cassette.


This model is recommended for Parking, Retail, and Gaming applications.

  • Version with plastic bezel and non-coated material (MBB-01xx), available with digital display or runway lights
  • Version with metal bezel and coated materials (MBB-03xx)


See the Bill-to-Bill Support Website for user, technical, service and support documentation, currency tables, training documents and videos, software revisions, product certificates, and more.

Up to 3 recycling cassettes (each cassette holds up to 100 notes)

“Smart” cassettes save content information for easy swapping

Individually configurable to any denomination


  • 98% + first time insertion acceptance rate. Acceptance speed: 2.3 seconds per banknote
  • Bill acceptance: lengthwise in four directions
  • Barcoded coupons: 2 ways face up (encoding standard: ANSI/AIM BC2-1995, Uniform Symbology, Interleaved 2 of 5)
  • Industry’s first self-centering mechanism
  • Sensors: patented optical, inductive, dielectric and cross channel (anti-stringing)
  • Multi-note dispenser for dispensing up to 20 notes in bulk
  • Multi Escrow: option to direct all validated bills to recycler. Facilitates return of all bills in case of a cancelled transaction
  • Up to 2 high-security locks protecting 1000-note metal cashbox contents. One additional lock to lock cashbox to device
  • High impact resistant cash vault. Durable, metal chassis
  • Choice of single metal or plastic bezels
  • Interfaces: RS232, serial
  • CCNET protocol
  • Modular design allows easy maintenance and quick clearance of any jams. Full frontal access, eliminating need for special mechanism for rear access
  • Flash memory for software updates

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x H x W) 163 x 569 x 378 mm
Weight < 15 Kg
Bill width validated 62 to 82 mm
Length of bill maximum 172 mm, minimum 124 mm
Dispensing speed 1.4 second per bill
Power supply 24 Vdc
Current consumption – Operating mode: 2.7A (4A peak)
– Standby: 0.7A
Operating temperature 0° to 50° C
Storage temperature -30° to 60° C 30%-90% RH (humidity non condensed)

Banknote Capacity

Recycling cassette 3×100-120 bills
Drop-proof bash Box 1,000 bill capacity

Part Numbers

Part Number Region Description
WW - Worldwide Uncoated version, 3 cassettes,
MBB-0310 WW - Worldwide Coated version, 3 cassettes, range 1,000 cashbox
MBB- WW - Worldwide Coated version, 2 cassettes, range 1,000 cashbox
MBB- WW - Worldwide Coated version, 1 cassette, range 1,000 cashbox
FLSC-0102/FLC-503 WW - Worldwide 1,000 cashbox with XE RFID
FLSCT0102 WW - Worldwide 1,000 cashbox
BBR-0110 WW - Worldwide Recycling cassette
BBD-0110 Dispenser cassette plastic bezel


Bill-to-Bill Part Number Guide

Bill-to-Bill 300 Serviceability Manual

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