Vantage bill validator is an industry-leading solution with a host of advanced features for highest in-service time. Extremely robust and flexible, Vantage is designed to enhance operator business by maximizing profitability.



  • Industry-leading bill acceptance and reliability
  • Smart Bezel™ actively communicates bill acceptance
  • Illuminated 360° bezel improves purchasing experience
  • Quick-release bezel standard on all models
  • Industry leading security and water protection
  • Attention grabbing impulse LED lighting

More Profitable

New features to increase your in-service time and sales.

  • Centric driver roller provides highest acceptance rates for skewed bills
  • Automated self-diagnostics and visual bezel notification guarantee your validator is always ready to accept cash
  • Smart Bezel™ increases sales by communicating $5, $10 and $20 bill. Multiple acceptance in real time

More Robust

Innovative technologies enhance reliability and security.

  • Fourteen sensor pairs scan more of the bill. Multiple analysis technologies increase acceptance while eliminating frauds
  • Streamlined bill path and intelligent bill transport software reduces jam conditions providing highest in-service time
  • Level Three Cashbox Lockout Technology provides industry leading security by completely blocking bill path access to the cashbox

More Flexible

Easier to install, service and update.

  • Quick-release bezel expedites installation and removal, even for tight installations
  • Tool-free disassembly eases service. Illuminated bezel and status indicators simplify setup and troubleshooting
  • FlexStack® cashbox holds over 500 bills. It maximizes bill capacity and reduces machine visits
  • Broad range of support tools and accessories to meet your specific application

Bezel Options


Technical Specifications

Size (L x H x D) 99.4 x 238 x 114.65/129.65 mm
Weight 1.81 kg
Power supply 20-45 Vdc
Power consumption max 40W 1,8A – Stand-by 4W 0,2A
Operating temperature -18 ÷ +65°C | 20% ÷ 98% humidity (non-condensed)


Bezel Basic, Slimline, Retro-Mag, Downstack, plus Card Reader combo bezel
Cashbox* 300, 400, FlexStack® 500, 700, 900, 1,100
Bill Acceptance Width ≤66 mm or ≤72 mm
Accessories* High security metal bezel, Cashbox locking hasp
Protocols MDB, MDB-Wake Up, Pulse, Vend Serial, Parallel


Vantage Installation & Operation Guide

Vantage Quick Start Guide

Vantage Operation & Service Manual

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