Ideal to amplify audio sound for use within any environment.

  • 2 Channel Amplifier
  • Approx. 8 Watts RMS per channel 10% THD (10 Watts RMS @ 16v Input)
  • Volume control can be easily adjusted with fingers
  • Compact Size: 108mm L x 85mm W x 57mm H
  • Power Input: +12Vdc to +18Vdc minimum 1.5A with either a 2mm Coaxial power jack or .100” center locking header connector (Optional SUZOHAPP plug-in power supply available, part number H80-1153-00)
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • Audio Output: .100” center locking header connector
  • Speaker harness with 6.3mm (0.250”) female terminals 180cm long is optional available
  • Audio input cable 180cm long is optional available

Part Numbers

Part Number Region Description
H49-5140-100 NCS - North, Central & South America Amplifier
H80-1153-00 NCS - North, Central & South America PSU for Amplifier
H96-0539-00 NCS - North, Central & South America Audio input cable
H96-0542-00 NCS - North, Central & South America Speaker harness


Audio Amplifier - Drawings

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