Polished chrome-plated button bezel with translucent colour washer moulded in bezel to provide edge luminescent effect.

Available in several colour combinations of button & luminescent effect. Additional customization also available.

Design Your Casino Chrome-Luminescent Pushbutton with the Matrix Below

S = Size C = Lens Colour L = Luminescent Effect
A = Large Square 2 = Red 2 = Red
B = Small Square 3 = Amber (Orange) 3 = Amber (Orange)
C = Large Rectangle 4 = Yellow 4 = Yellow
D = Small Rectangle 5 = Green 5 = Green
E = Large Round 6 = Blue 6 = Blue
F = Small Round 9 = White 9 = White
Nut Sold Separately, Part number RBM-K730-001


  • Locking nut has special design to allow it to fit over “Snap-Tab” feature with microswitch installed
  • Ease & flexibility of mounting to metal control panels using either the “Snap-Tab” or traditional locking nut
  • Switch pre-assembled on button for reduced assembly time into control panel
  • Subminiature microswitch provides additional clearance room under control panel
  • Polycarbonate lens for optical clarity and durability
  • Switch snaps on bezel of button eliminating the need to have separate lamp holder
  • Grounded for ESD protection


Casino Luminescent Pushbuttons

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