MFL® is the first ever front load banknote validator designed for automated cash transaction applications. MFL® provides modularity and high security due to unique multi-sensor technology. MFL® utilizes a patented alignment mechanism enabling a high acceptance rate for banknotes and barcode vouchers. Due to its robust design and higher reliability, MFL® lowers total cost of ownership, enhances protection against counterfeits and improves machine uptime. MFL® is widely used in gaming, transportation and retail applications across the globe. 



  • 98% or higher acceptance rate
  • No more jam: it accepts more banknotes
  • Reduced service calls for lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to maintain, it supports multiple currencies
  • Compliant to industry’s regulation
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Easy to retrofit


Validating head

  • Accepts up to 82mm wide banknotes in all four directions
  • Accepts gaming barcode vouchers

Sensor module

  • Sense-A-Click™ is an all in one built-in removable sensor module
  • Easy to replace or upgrade in the field


  • Up-stack or Down-stack
  • IP24 Compliant
  • Outdoor applications

Cash box

  • 600 or 1,000 banknote capacity
  • Can be secured on housing 
  • Support 2 locks (3/4″ tubular) on door


  • Patented multi-sensor* technology with self-calibration
  • Aligning mechanism straightens the misaligned banknotes
  • Robust mechanism and beltless bill path
  • Removable sensor module**
  • Lockable and secured cash box
  • Updates by smart-stick memory card or host machine
  • It supports multiple protocols and has a standard footprint

Technical Specifications

Size (W x H x D) 114 x 306 x 230 mm
Weight Unit without cash box: 5.1 Kg, Cash Box 600: 1.95 Kg, Cash Box 1000: 2.4 Kg
Acceptance Rate 98% or higher
Banknote Specification Four ways, 62 ÷ 82 mm wide, 124 ÷ 172 mm long
Escrow One banknote
Bezel Indoor Durable Plastic or Outdoor Metal
Protocols Supported CCNET, Serial, ID003, V2.2, VFM
Firmware update Smart-Stick memory card or Network Downloadable
Power Consumption 12 Vdc: 2.0 A, 24 Vdc: 1.0 A
Temperature Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
Storage Temperature: -30° to +60° C
Humidity: 30% to 95%


MFL - Operation & Service Manual

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