Ideal for BAR TOP or TABLE TOP applications 


  • Intel 4-Core i3-8100T, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD (expandable to 64GB/256GB) 
  • Elo Touch 15.6” widescreen PCAP LCD 
  • CUSTOM Modus 3 80mm thermal roll printer w/ cutter, anti-jam technology 
  • Newland FM3080 scanner for phone or ticket 
  • Optional Magtek Mini 3-Stripe MSR 

Optional Card Reader 

Sealed Spill-Proof Design 9° Slant – No Drink Placement 

Engineered for Various Viewing Angles 

Security with Keyed-Different Access Levels

  • Printer paper door sensor 
  • Computer access door sensor 
  • Soft power on/off keyed-switch 
  • Service mode keyed-switch 

Design and Production Quality

  • Welded seams 
  • Quality harnessing 
  • Fingerprint-resistant chrome and paint 
  • Durable steel alloy internal locking mechanisms 
  • ISO 9001, UL-Certified production sites 


  • Software-controllable full spectrum RGB LEDs
  • Software-accessible low paper sensor
  • Keyed-different printer and computer door locks with sensors
  • Service mode key switch
  • Soft power up/down key switch
  • Customizable colors/logos, super-durable baked-on powder coatings
  • Secure table mounting — cables exit through rear or base
  • Printer and peripheral power-saving features
  • Universal power supply, localized power cable
  • International EMC and safety certifications
  • Designed to pass GLI-33 with platform software


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