Quickly and accurately determines customers suitability to access age-restricted goods/services.



  • Outperforms humans across all age ranges
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Prevent fraudulent activity

Automatic Face Detection

ICU automatically detects the face and adapts to lighting conditions, ensuring high quality images and accuracy


Any fraud attempts are detected and stopped using anti-spoofing algorithms

GDPR Compliant

No images or data are stored on the ICU, ensuring GDPR compliance

Quick & Accurate

Our internal algorithms are optimised to efficiently & accurately extract a number of face images and perform bespoke machine learning


Quick and easy age verification
*Vending example


  • 96% success in identifying under 18’s
  • Complete process takes less than 3 seconds
  • No third party fees or ongoing costs
  • Advanced Spoof detection
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