STC Pushbuttons with Subminiature Microswitch.

Available in 6 different colors:







  • Designed to resist spills and sticking, for high reliability and long life, tested for 10 million+ cycles
  • Standard supplied with spacer bezel for mounting on top or in the panel (low-profile)
  • Full 0.5 mm thickness on lamp terminals holds lamp or led connectors securely
  • For use with 5 mm wedge base lamps or leds (not included)
  • Standard fitted with Cherry DB5 stylemicroswitch with 2.8 mm terminals or easy connection

Part Numbers

26-0630-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Rectangular
26-0600-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Small Square
26-0610-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Large Square
26-0680-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Large Round
26-0670-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Medium Round
26-0660-X STC Illuminated Pushbuttons – Small Round
Colour coding for all buttons. Replace -X with desired colour code.
-2 Red
-3 Orange
-4 Yellow
-5 Green
-6 Blue
-9 White


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