The LCD button unit is a new and innovative addition to the SUZOHAPP range for gaming devices, giving the game designer the additional tools to enhance the content and player of new gaming machine concepts.



  • Economical alternative to OLED buttons
  • Individual buttons allow your choice of placement
  • If replacement required, you don’t have to replace complete button deck, just the button
  • No more printed legends
  • Display text or video to enhance game play or multifunction selection


  • LCD is integrated into the button and moves with lens cap
  • Communications: Serial Peripheral Interface Bus
  • LCD Light Ring provided by single LED
  • Light Ring comes in a range of colours
  • Option to customize LCD decal surround (black standard)
  • 24 frames per second animation
  • Full Color
  • 128 x 128 pixels
  • USB interface, controller board controls up to 16 buttons. It can control 1 button or all of the buttons.
  • RoHS compliant


LCD Button Tech Ref

Snapshot LCD Button

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