The SuzoHapp Multi ccTalk is an Interface board between ccTalk peripheral devices and PC, vending or gaming machines. 


  • Features a USB-B and RS232 Serial connector to connect with any device. 
  • Has a TTL connector, four 3-pin ccTalk connectors and connectors for Hoppers, Coin Acceptors and Bill Acceptors. 
  • Has a Vmax and a standard 6mm power plug and supports 12VDC and 24VDC.
    Beware do not supply 24VDC while 12VDC devices are connected! 
  • The installed LEDs indicate whether the device is properly powered and whether it is receiving data, thereby simplifying inspections and troubleshooting. 

Part Numbers

Part Number Region Description
107-0251 WW - Worldwide


Multi ccTalk Interface - User Manual

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