(Touch and Non-Touch)


VisionPro™ is SUZOHAPP’s premium line of LCDs using top panel brands and high-quality boards.

Fast customization is available for both OEMs and upgrades: 6.2″ to 90″, specialized panels and integration, customized metal, oversized glass, touchscreens and inputs. Send us your requirements, and we can design/build to match.



  • Standard sizes from 15” to 43”, smaller and larger sizes available with fast customization
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • Standard and wide viewing angle units available
  • Choice of:
    – 10+ touch Projected Capacitive (PCAP), true-flat, seamless edge-to-edge glass with thru-glass capability
    – 3M Surface Capacitive (SCAP) touch technology
    – Protective Glass

See individual product pages below for specifications and drawings. Customization available! 

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