We take pride in our products, we take care of our customers, and we value our people.

SUZOHAPP is a global parent company with several brands across various industries. Our 60 year legacy began in the gaming and amusement industries, growing into a product portfolio of over 50,000 OEM products and Aftermarket parts worldwide. In the last 6 years SUZOHAPP has expanded its footprint into the technology sector, offering cash management software and hardware solutions to over 25,000 customers worldwide.


SUZOHAPP’s  technology  enables  cash automation and non-cash payment solutions  for  customers  operating  in  a  variety  of  end markets, including retail, transportation, vending, banking, gaming and amusement. SUZOHAPP’s solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies.


SUZOHAPP operates in 19 countries and its dealer network covers more than 100 countries.


To be the global market leader in technology-driven cash management, self-service, and gaming devices through our commitment to people, customers, and quality.


To provide customers with excellent service and high-quality components, solutions, and software that create significant value for their business.

Our Brands

Our Partners

Global Reach

SUZOHAPP serves customers all over the world. We have the resources to support your business wherever you work, making our reach truly global.

  • International Coverage through national subsidiaries
  • Worldwide presence with a global service network
  • Distribution partners all around the globe
  • Variety of customers across multiple business segments

Through the Years

SUZOHAPP has grown rapidly to meet the needs of the markets and customers we serve, expanding the breadth of our product offering and service capability.

  1. 1955

    SUZO International is founded

  2. 1986

    HAPP Controls is founded

  3. 1988

    SUZO opens first international branch in Germany

  4. 1991

    SUZO opens branch office in United Kingdom

  5. 1993

    SUZO opens branch office in Belgium

  6. 1998

    HAPP opens branch office in Las Vegas, NV

  7. 2000

    HAPP opens branch office in the United Kingdom and acquires PARTSTAR DIVISION of Carlton Bates Corp

  8. 2001

    HAPP acquires Midway Games Service Business and Well Gardner’s Coin Door division

  9. 2002

    HAPP acquires Wholesale Electronics

  10. 2004

    SUZO Opens branch office In Poland, HAPP acquires Perfect 360˚ Joystick, SUZO and HAPP merge to form SUZOHAPP

  11. 2005

    SUZOHAPP merge with AESI

  12. 2006

    SUZOHAPP acquires Mazzco, Sadectronic In Spain, And Starpoint

  13. 2007

    SUZOHAPP Acquires Chinatec

  14. 2012

    Acon Investment acquires SUZOHAPP

  15. 2013

    SUZOHAPP acquires Transcity Asia, Bill-to-Bill and Currenza trademarks

  16. 2014


  17. 2015

    SUZOHAPP acquires SCAN COIN - SUZOHAPP celebrates 60 years in Europe

  18. 2016

    SUZOHAPP celebrates 30 years in North America

  19. 2017

    SUZOHAPP launches new brand identity

  20. 2018

    SUZOHAPP acquires primary product lines of Coinco