High Quality, Fast Customization, Economically Priced

  • Standard sizes from 15” to 43”
  • Fast customization for OEMs and upgrades: 6.2” to 90”, custom metal, specialized panels, customized touchscreens, customized inputs
  • Outdoor options – please inquire
  • Top panel manufacturers, high quality boards
  • DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort are available in various combinations
  • LED options for surrounding the display in color
  • PCAP and SCAP touch technology options or matching tempered glass

SUZOHAPP’s Premium Line of LCDs

VisionPro™ is SUZOHAPP’s premium line of LCDs using top panel brands and high-quality boards. Fast customization is available for both OEMs and upgrades: specialized panels and integration, customized metal, touchscreens and inputs.

VisionPro LED-Framed:
LCDs Accented with a Frame of Color!

LCDs accented with a frame of color! In a range of sizes, touch and non-touch, addressable or RGB LEDs, and in three designs.

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