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The key to keeping retail relevant is to allow consumers a seamless transition between playing online and in-venue

Experts have been championing for a while now the idea that online and retail betting should not be competitors, but complementary offerings. Do you think that operators have understood this idea and are willing to invest in having them as complementary offerings, or are they still seeing online as a competitor segment?

I get feedback from a number of customers that they are now seeing that consumers like to engage with gaming in different ways, at different times of the day, or at different times of the week. You can no longer say any consumer is solely an online customer or a retail customer. The way to provide the best experience, and therefore to get the best return from any player, is to have that seamless integration between both. They’re not competitive environments at all. It’s actually two ends of the same spectrum. It’s a way of providing customers with great experiences if retail and online can work in harmony. Increasingly the view of the industry is that retail is very important. In fact, we have a number of online customers who in the past said they were 100% online talking to us now about introducing retail because they also see the benefit. I think there is a shift towards retail coming back.”

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