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Sports betting is here to stay and in a post-pandemic world, that means omnichannel betting including retail locations as people begin to make their way back into the world. SUZOHAPP relieves the burden of platform providers looking to enter the retail market by working with them to enter the market quickly with either a standard, top-quality, pre-approved kiosk, or with a custom design curated to suit customers’ specific needs. The benefit of working with SUZOHAPP lies in their wealth of industry knowledge and experience. With over 60 years in the gaming industry, the understanding of customer needs combined with the extensive worldwide network of partners and suppliers provides the edge needed to reach the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, and value. 

If getting into the market quickly is your primary goal, be sure to check out SUZOHAPP’s Universal Betting Solution. With a durable, high-quality cabinet, an attractive, large Elo displays, a powerful computer, and standard roll printer to get you started, you can utilize these basics that have already been submitted to certifying entities to expedite getting your platform into the retail space. 

If, instead you’re looking for a solution that stands apart from the crowd, opt to work with the world-class SUZOHAPP engineering and design team to create the ideal kiosk to match your vision with the highest quality, industry-tested components. SUZOHAPP works with partners such as Elo Touch Solutions, Transact Technologies, Custom, JCM, CPI, Newland, Giussani, Nanoptix and more to ensure you have the best options available for your design. Elo displays, for example, are unmatched in their quality and value providing high durability and global approvals in virtually any size and configuration you could possibly need. Access to SUZOHAPP’s network of suppliers will ensure you have an extraordinary design with customer appeal, longevity, and value.

To find out more, please watch the video interview with Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales Europe, on Yogonet International.