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SUZOHAPP has launched a new line of products aimed at helping casinos and amusement centers meet new regulations so they can reopen and operate safely. 

As stay-at-home restrictions are beginning to lighten, new guidelines have been announced on how businesses can reopen. These guidelines include having all entrants get their temperatures taken, wear face masks, and follow heightened hygiene and sanitizing protocols. In order to facilitate these guidelines, SUZOHAPP has launched the Personal Protection Line for operators to get the majority of these products from a single partner, allowing them to save on shipping costs, and get products right away so they can reopen as soon as the restrictions are lifted in their state. Products from this line include disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, sanitizing equipment, thermometers and unique temperature sensors, social distancing separators, and more.

SUZOHAPP has aimed to “Simplify Your Sourcing” for over 30 years by having the widest array of products specifically catered to serve the gaming and amusement industry which has been hard-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sourcing the variety of products that are included in this product line is difficult since the demand is very high across all industries and requires manpower that many of these businesses don’t have right now given the furloughs and layoffs that they’ve had to enact. Sim Bielak, Global President of Gaming and Amusement said “We recognize that every day that the casinos and amusement centers stay closed costs them greatly. We hope to get our customers one step closer to reopening and making the reopening process easier by offering everything you need from a partner you can trust.”

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