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In a video conversation with Yogonet, Tim Kennedy, SUZOHAPP’s Vice President of Sales for Europe, says “Increasingly our focus for the last 18 months has been sports betting terminals. But I think the market now, retail betting market in Europe is headed into a new phase where a lot of customers, a lot of operators are looking at refreshing their retail estate post-COVID. That’s definitely an area that we’re concentrating on. So we have a full range of products from ePOS terminals, betting terminals, cash redemption terminals, and also change machines. A full range targeted at the operator, very much focused on reinventing retail.”

In the U.S., SUZOHAPP is working with one customer who will be deploying a tabletop terminal, amongst other terminals, blending entertainment and sports betting experiences. “And I can imagine as operators in Europe look to revitalize their retail estate, they’ll consider similar products” comments Tim Kennedy. “So a much more entertaining environment for street operations rather than just having transactional terminals that are commonplace today. We’ll definitely see that deployed in the US. I think it could take a bit longer before we see that in Europe. But I can imagine that that will be deployed within 12 months in Europe also.”

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