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SUZOHAPP will be exhibiting at EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair from February 16-20 in Dusseldorf, Germany. On display at booth#6A75 will be the market leading CashComplete™ line of payment management solutions. At EuroShop, visitors will see firsthand how CashComplete™ solutions unify the entire cash management process for retailers, improving efficiency, profitability, monitoring and reconciliation. Offering full integration of hardware, software and back-office systems, CashComplete™ brings all components together in a seamless way to provide users complete visibility of their payment management operations. 

The CashComplete™ Connect payment automation software suite is the leading cash management platform on the market. Last year, SUZOHAPP launched CashComplete™ Connect – Retail Edition™ which automates the entire retail payment process and provides real-time visibility, advanced analytics, reconciliation and general ledger integration. VaultConnect™, the latest addition to the CashComplete™ software suite, brings offline cash storage into full view, allowing users to monitor their true cash positions and incorporate all available cash into daily operations. 

“CashComplete™ Connect software integrates with a retailer’s front and back-office systems to provide intelligent connectivity that optimizes payment management operations,” said Simon James, Executive Vice President – Retail, Hospitality & Transport EMEA. “The result is a truly unified cash management process.” 

Front office solutions on display will be the new self-service kiosks Touch Pro and Edge, and the Smart Point of Sale Solutions SPS-700 and SPS-800. These fully automated Point of Sale recycling solutions minimize manual cash handling at check-out lanes, offer a smooth and intuitive customer experience and allow for improved accuracy and instant validation of notes and coins.  In addition, the SDS-35 Smart Deposit Solutionimproves accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection. 

Back office solutions to be showcased include the Recycling Cash Solutions RCS-Active and RCS-700, as well as the high-speed Smart Deposit Solution SDS-760.  

In addition to the CashComplete™ line of solutions with software integration, a large range of component products for cash payments will be showcased at the booth. These products include coin validators, hoppers, bill recyclers, printers, locks, monitors, and more.

“At EuroShop this year, our goal is to help people visualize how the CashComplete™ Connect suite of solutions could work in their retail environments,” continued Mr. James. “To this end, visitors to our booth will see live demonstrations of the CashComplete™ Connect user interface. They will be amazed to see how this powerful software can also be intuitive and user friendly.”