MEI EASITRAX Soft Count is an integrated software/hardware solution that extends the security and acceptance offered by MEI CASHFLOW SC into a casino soft room. Information collected in the bill validator is now easily accessible in a database that can be networked to multiple locations and be accessed to analyze slot performance.

RioFID technology connects slot machine asset numbers to a specific cashbox.

Features Advantages Benefits
Streamlined engineering Easy retrofit to all existing MEI CASHFLOW systems; reliable communication without batteries or wires Kits will ensure simple and efficient installation
Backroom system interface with existing process/counting systems Integrates with existing back room equipment Flexibility to choose the soft count equipment that best fits your needs
SQL database record storage Central data repository for individual workstations or network Database mining to evaluate and improve operations
Information accessibility Track performance, acceptance rate and note acceptor software revisions by machine Maximize operational efficiency and profitability
Automated connection between slot machine and cashbox Use of RFID eliminates writing and wanding Reduced drop team labor and increased accuracy
“Hot box” detection Note acceptor will not enable live cashbox Eliminate time and cost associated with “hot box” search
Validate drop Automatically verify all boxes were collected and detect unexpected boxes Reduce variances and quickly locate errors by asset number
Incremental accounting system Fast access to games revenue data, quickly resolve count variances Additional source for revenue validation (verifying SDS and counter machine)

Casino operators can streamline the cash management process through:

  • A design easily retrofitted to all existing MEI CASHFLOW Systems.
  • Simplified kits have been developed to ensure an easy installation.
  • Integrated with existing counter/sorter equipment to maximize efficiencies by minimizing system components.
  • Accountability without manual intervention. The ability to track the scheduled drops of all cashboxes provides a fast, efficient source to validate revenue and, as a result, ensures a more accurate collection process.