SCAN105 is the new compact brander scanner from Custom, able to read documents up to A6 size at a speed of 400mm/sec with a resolution of 300 dpi. Equipped with an embedded 32mm thermal printer, graphics can be printed over tickets, to void them for example.


Software tools are available to support an easy integration into your application, including libraries to decode OMR (Optical Marker Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and all 2D barcodes.


  • Compact Unit: Reduced Footprint
  • High Performance: 300 dpi Resolution and Scanning Speed 400 mm/sec
  • Void System: Embedded Thermal Printer for Void
  • Complete Set of Software: for a Quick and Easy Integration
  • Recognition Technology: OCR / OMR / Barcode 1D and 2D
  • Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance

Technical Specifications

Scan resolution 300 dpi
Sensors Feed and output document detection
Output formats B/W, grayscale
Scanning speed 400 mm/sec
Interfaces USB
Scanning area Max 108 mm
Paper width 112 mm
Paper weight from 60 to 120 g/mq
Dimensions 154 mm x 154 mm x 91 mm (300 mm with tray)
Thermal Void Printer
  • Void resolution: 200 dpi
  • Width: 32 mm
Auto-installing drivers
Windows (32/64 bit), Linux (32/64 bit), Custom Android API
  • DLL CuDoubleSidedScannerAPI per .NET
  • DLL CuDoubleSidedScannerAPI per C++
Libraries Chameleon
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