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Simple, reliable, and durable MDB bill acceptor with our innovative FlexStack™ bill box.


Only available in the Americas


More Reliable

Highest acceptance rate available.

  • Bills are validated though 120 optical readings and 560 magnetic readings to ensure authenticity
  • State-of-the-art software enhances bill handling
  • Status indicator conveys maintenance information for easy troubleshooting
  • Spherical I-frame increases bill acceptor reliability and reduces bill handling errors
  • Water protection enclosure protects PCBs from all water contamination
  • Enhanced bill path clearing software reduces maintenance issues associated with attempted fraud

More Flexible

Easier to install, service and update for future currency changes.

  • Main electronics and circuit board located inside the lower-housing for compact design and easy installation
  • Simple integrated harness with quick disconnects allows for quick field installation and serviceability
  • Flash programmable microcontroller makes it easy to upgrade and program new bills or coupons

More Expandable

The FlexStack™ is a one-size-fits-all bill box.

  • FlexStack™ allows maximum capacity regardless of vending machine constraints
  • Expands from standard 300-note bill box to hold up to 500 bills
  • Greater bill box capacity increases sales


  • Innovative FlexStack™ bill box expands to hold up to 500 bills
  • Bill path clearing software improves bill transport reliability by 110%
  • Bill path clearing software improves bill transport reliability by 110%
  • Illuminated inlet captures customer attention
  • Flash programmable microcontroller simplifies upgrades for future feature improvements and new notes
  • Dual optic and magnetic validation technology provides the best bill acceptance rates


Part Number Description
BP4BX For cold drink vending machines
BP4SX For full line vending machines
BP4BXM For cold drink vending machines with high security metal mask


BillPro - User Manual rev 3


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