A strong cash management solution brand, now part of SUZOHAPP

In 2015, SUZOHAPP announced the successful acquisition of SCANCOIN – a leading provider of advanced cash handling technologies, software, and services. SCAN COIN is now the cash management solution brand of SUZOHAPP.

Success through experience
With over 40 years experience as a provider to cash processing solutions, the company has acquired invaluable insight on every cash handling segment. The combination of SCAN COIN’s advanced technology and industry knowledge ensures that ist solutions make cash handling easy an economically viable.

Cash remains a popular and enduring payment medium, The continuing challenge is to find new solutions to enhance cost-effective cash handling.


New payment methods are constantly introduced, one more innovative than the other. But despite the range of technology on offer, most shoppers still prefer to pay with cash, and retailers must be able to ensure that cash payments are both efficient for their customers and secure and cost effective for their business. As a retailer, there are many things that are more important than worrying about your store’s cash handling routines – like taking care of your customers for instance.



The self-service banking trend is growing steadily in Europe and other parts of the world. Self-service machines enable banks and credit unions to handle cash more cost-effectively and to reassign bank staff to a more profitable advisory role. And self-service is also a competitive weapon for banks, attracting customers with the greater convenience of lobby services that offer extended opening hours. CDS, cash deposit systems are part of the self-service revolution.



Hotel operations are complex, but your cash management doesn’t need to be! CashComplete™ Recycling Cash Solutions act as 24-hour general cashier, eliminating the need to count, safeguard, and audit house banks for front desk agents and cashiers across the property.

Our Recycling Cash Solutions are powered by CashComplete™ software which provides unparalleled visibility, data and cash analytics as a high-powered complement to your Property Management System.



Drivers in many countries use cash deposit systems as a point where they can deliver the day’s cash takings. Giving drivers access to a cash deposit machine in close proximity has reduced security risks and also released staff from cash-counting duties.

SUZOHAPP has been developing solutions for the public transport market since the late 1980s, so we have gathered plenty of experience in this field.


For more information visit the SCANCOIN website